Sunday, September 30, 2012

Narrowing a Boot Calf

It's been quite awhile since my last post! This was mostly because it didn't seem fitting to write about boots during the summer months and because I assumed there would be few boots to write about during that time. But now that Fall is approaching, I'm hoping there will be lots of new options for us to consider. I've been looking around and have been underwhelmed with the selection thus far. But I was re-energized by all the nice comments and emails I received from you ladies! Thanks to all of you who sent me nice notes about the blog. I really appreciate them and will try hard to continue to make this blog worthwhile for my readers. I really hope our message will be heard, and one day narrow-calved women will have a much nicer selection of boots! I just ordered my first pair of boots to review for the season and hope to have that post up next week.

For my first post of the season, I thought I'd discuss my recent experience with getting boot calves tailored or taken in. It's something I'd thought about getting done for quite awhile but although I came across quite a few posts on getting boot calves stretched, I couldn't find any decent reviews from people who had their boot calves narrowed. Searching on Yelp led me to Philip's Shoe Repair in Petworth (a neighborhood in DC). I had a beautiful pair of Dani Black leather cowboy-inspired boots that I picked up on sale over three years ago for a ridiculous markdown (I think they were originally $200+ and I got them for under $40), but hadn't been able to wear because of their wide shaft. After having looked at them longingly for years, I was  excited to potentially be able to wear them soon.