Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boot Roundup

Thanks so much to all of you who've submitted suggestions recently. I hope this post helps some of you out there. This post is no guarantee that these boots are actually good for small calves. I have not tried on these boots and chose them based on their product descriptions and reviews. I'd love to hear from those of you that have had firsthand experience with any of the boots listed below. And of course, suggestions are always welcome! Apologies if this page looks messy with the links and product pictures-- I'm still figuring out how to clean up my posts. If any of you can point me to a starter guide, that would be much appreciated as well!

Unlisted, Chip N Dip ($71)
Zappos lists these as having a 13” circumference and the shaft looks adjustable. Both reviews indicate that the shaft is narrow, but I couldn’t find any other reviews online. They are also on Macy'sEndless, and, where they are described as having a 14.5” circumference.
Boots by Unlisted at ShopStyle

La Canadienne, Dorinna ($305)
There are tons of good reviews of this boot, which Zappos lists as having a 12.5” calf. An anonymous commenter said these fit her 12.5” calves perfectly. They're not cheap but multiple reviewers felt they were well worth the steep price tag. They look amazing!
Boots by La Canadienne at ShopStyle

Cole Haan, Air Rosalyn Stretch Boot ($358)
Zappos lists these with a 12” circumference and one reviewer said these were good for her narrow calves, but there aren’t enough reviews to know this for sure. I really wish Zappos would discuss the calf circumference in their product videos. I could find any other online listings or reviews. 

Etienne Aigner, Captain ($100-$130)
Zappos lists these with a 12.5” calf circumference, but the reviews appear mixed. They’re sold out on Zappos, but are available on a bunch of other sites, including Amazon (on sale), Macy’s, Famous Footwear, and

Trouve, Skylar Boot ($180)
These boots seem to have very positive reviews at Nordstrom but unfortunately, only a few sizes remain. I couldn't find them anywhere else online but hopefully more will pop up soon.

La Canadienne, Galaxy Boot ($300-$315)
There were a couple of reviews on Zappos and Nordstrom about these boots being good for small calves. The calf circumference is listed at 13-13.5". I've never had a pair of La Canadienne boots but the reviews for them seem overwhelmingly positive with respect to quality and comfort. They are currently on sale at Amazon.

Kickers, Seventy 2 Boots ($180-$260)
The reviews on Nordstrom (on sale for $180) are pretty positive, with a couple of reviewers saying the boots were either good for their skinny calves or too narrow for their average sized calves. They are on sale at Zappos and are also available for full price at EndlessPlanet Shoes, and Amazon.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Simple Brrlin Boot

Thank you to the commenter who suggested I try Simple's Brrlin boot! I recently retired my only pair of casual, “daily-wear” knee-high boots after they I pretty much wore them down to their metaphorical bone. I got the Simple boots in the mail yesterday and am thrilled! The rear buckle allowed me to adjust the boot snugly to my 12” calf and I think it could certainly work for smaller calves as well, but may have a little bit of gaping in the back. I like that the entire shaft is narrow so there isn't too much of a difference between the width at the top and at the ankles. The upper is thin suede and so perhaps it could stretch with a lot of wear? I'm not sure so others who own the boot will have to weigh in. The suede is soft and malleable, so I can roll the boots up and tuck them into my big purse. This will come in handy in the winter, since I usually use a comfy pair of shoes for walking and change into heels or heeled boots when I actually get to where I’m going (e.g., work, dinner).

Fit & function–
I am usually between a 6-6.5 and selected the latter because quite a few reviewers said the boot ran small. The fit is comfortable, although I’m not completely convinced that I couldn’t fit into a size 6. The 6.5 is a little loose so my foot slides a bit when I walk, but it will be fine with thick socks. If it annoys me, I’ll put in an insert. I guess it’s better than being too tight. As you can see in the picture above, the top of the shaft hit several inches below my knee. Despite being a slouchy boot, it stayed up nicely when I wore it today, probably because the buckle keeps the fit snug. The boots are very comfortable but seem to have little to no arch support if that’s something that matters to you.

Ordering tips– These boots seem to be available on a bunch of sites including Endless,, and Planet Shoes (get 20% off for a limited time with code extra20). The grey and chocolate are on sale at Zappos and Amazon, and I chose Zappos because of their free shipping/returns and frankly, their awesome customer service. Amazon also lists a bunch of other retailers who are selling the boots.