Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boot Roundup

Thanks so much to all of you who've submitted suggestions recently. I hope this post helps some of you out there. This post is no guarantee that these boots are actually good for small calves. I have not tried on these boots and chose them based on their product descriptions and reviews. I'd love to hear from those of you that have had firsthand experience with any of the boots listed below. And of course, suggestions are always welcome! Apologies if this page looks messy with the links and product pictures-- I'm still figuring out how to clean up my posts. If any of you can point me to a starter guide, that would be much appreciated as well!

Unlisted, Chip N Dip ($71)
Zappos lists these as having a 13” circumference and the shaft looks adjustable. Both reviews indicate that the shaft is narrow, but I couldn’t find any other reviews online. They are also on Macy'sEndless, and, where they are described as having a 14.5” circumference.
Boots by Unlisted at ShopStyle

La Canadienne, Dorinna ($305)
There are tons of good reviews of this boot, which Zappos lists as having a 12.5” calf. An anonymous commenter said these fit her 12.5” calves perfectly. They're not cheap but multiple reviewers felt they were well worth the steep price tag. They look amazing!
Boots by La Canadienne at ShopStyle

Cole Haan, Air Rosalyn Stretch Boot ($358)
Zappos lists these with a 12” circumference and one reviewer said these were good for her narrow calves, but there aren’t enough reviews to know this for sure. I really wish Zappos would discuss the calf circumference in their product videos. I could find any other online listings or reviews. 

Etienne Aigner, Captain ($100-$130)
Zappos lists these with a 12.5” calf circumference, but the reviews appear mixed. They’re sold out on Zappos, but are available on a bunch of other sites, including Amazon (on sale), Macy’s, Famous Footwear, and

Trouve, Skylar Boot ($180)
These boots seem to have very positive reviews at Nordstrom but unfortunately, only a few sizes remain. I couldn't find them anywhere else online but hopefully more will pop up soon.

La Canadienne, Galaxy Boot ($300-$315)
There were a couple of reviews on Zappos and Nordstrom about these boots being good for small calves. The calf circumference is listed at 13-13.5". I've never had a pair of La Canadienne boots but the reviews for them seem overwhelmingly positive with respect to quality and comfort. They are currently on sale at Amazon.

Kickers, Seventy 2 Boots ($180-$260)
The reviews on Nordstrom (on sale for $180) are pretty positive, with a couple of reviewers saying the boots were either good for their skinny calves or too narrow for their average sized calves. They are on sale at Zappos and are also available for full price at EndlessPlanet Shoes, and Amazon.


  1. btw i usually wear a 6.5 but got these in a 6. fit well and shaft was a bit tighter than the 6.5

  2. I am NEVER able to find boots that fit my calves. I am 5'7" and my chicken leg calves are just under 12" at the widest point. Found these chinese laundry boots that fit great with skinny jeans!

    (they are chinese laundry z-venora)
    just a tiny gap in the back but honestly you don't notice it at all. they are a softer leather so may slouch, but they zip in the ankle so actually fit very snugly to my skinny ankles They have an elastic band in the back so i'm sure fit people with big calves as well, but they are a godsend for me. Have been to every major deparment store, shoe boutique, etc in chicago looking for black boots under $300. They do seem to get wider with increasing shoe size (I wear a 6), so may be bigger in the calf if you have a bigger foot. But worth a try! Have another pair of chinese laundry boots in brown that I don't think they make any more that are pretty good but not as good as these.

  3. Hi there. Has anyone tried to order boots from the British company, Duo? They customize boots for calf sizes. I am thinking about purchasing some but they are somewhat expensive (~$300)...

  4. @AnonymousA friend of mine ordered from Duo recently. Although she didn't end up keeping the boots, she was happy with the process. I will ask her for some information and write a post on Duo soon.

  5. Thank you for creating this blog! I can't wait to try out the Diba Hear Me Now Boot and the Brrlin boot. I am 5'5" wear a size 8.5 and my calves are 12 inches. The only pair of boots I have that fit are my pair from Duo. I'm happy with them, although they were expensive and they're getting pretty worn.

  6. Hi there, I wanted to recommend a boot to you -
    I have 12 inch calves and I wear these Born boots on over skinny jeans and pull the buckle as tight as they can go (past the holes!). They're still a little loose but but they're so comfy! I will try to post a picture for you :-)

  7. This blog may have saved my/boot aesthetic's life! I can never find boots that don't make my 11.5 inch calves look ridiculous (especially given that I'm 5'7, wear a size 7.5, and have much larger thighs as compared with my chicken calves), but thanks to your recommendation of La Canadienne's Dorina boots, I now own a pair fits!!!! There's a little space, but definitely not awkwardly so and they will work very well with leggings and/or skinny jeans. They're beautiful and I hope they're worth the money (though thankfully for my own wallet, my generous boyfriend bought them for me this Christmas).

  8. @NancyYay! That's so great! I wanted to order the Dorina boots to review but they were sold out in my size :( I'm so happy for you though. If you'd like to send along a pic to feature on the blog, feel free to send it to LittleContessaBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

  9. @AnonymousThanks for letting me know! I'd love to see a pic. You can send it to me at LittleContessaBlog (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm glad you found boots that work for you!

  10. I tried the Etienne Aigner Captain boots. The measurement seems to be accurate, they fit my 13.5" calves well. They're synthetic and the heel is a bit clunky but other than that they're pretty good boots. I'm still debating because I'm hoping to find more of an investment pair.

  11. @KrisHi Kris, I'm planning to post a review of La Canadienne's Dorina very soon (I just got them today). Depending on what your shoe size and circumference combo is, they might be worth consideration as an investment pair because they are definitely quite pricey.

  12. Little Contessa, I will be eternally grateful to have found your name on amazon and then checked out your blog. I am relieved that I am not the only one who finds myself in this predicament.I am US size 11 with 13.5"-14" calf at the widest part. I think that I am in the worst category because boot makers seem to think that the length of ones foot correlates to the thickness of ones calf, therefore, even if they are saying the circumference is small it is normally measured using a size 7 or 8 as the standard, so one needs to add an inch or two for a size 11. Anyway, I would just like to let you know that I purchased the Cole Haan, Air Rosalyn Stretch Boot. It is very pretty and it works. It is not baggy and I don't feel like puss in boots. Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough. I got the black for $157 which I have tried and is very comfortable and elegant. I haven't worn it out yet so I have no idea what it feels like after a number of hours. In any case I saw the brown on sale for $125 and ordered that too. I have no intention of wearing either boot soon but I will stash them away. I cannot believe my luck. I had bought and tried Gabor 36.596 for $265.99 and La Canadienne Ramona for $202.78 and neither worked. They were baggy around the calves, not the right look etc. I feel like with the brown and black Air Rosalyn, I got two very pretty and elegant boots for the price of one. Thank you again!!!

    1. Hi,

      Can you tell me if the air rosalyn boots run small or large? I was going to order based on your review - I am normally a size 6.5 but can only find size 6 and 7 and not sure which to try.

      Thanks much!!

    2. Hi Anon - Since it has been a long time since the initial comment, you may not get a response (but it would be awesome if you did). I tried googling the Air Rosalyn boots but couldn't find any reviews to help. The only piece of advice I have is that calf circumference generally increases with calf width so the 6 might fit very differently around the calf than the 7. I wish I'd tried these boots on and could help you out. If it were me, I'd base my decision on the fact that I tend to be a 6 or a small 6.5, so I'd be more comfortable going for the 6 than the 7. If you're a true 6.5 and sometimes a 7, the larger size might be a better bet. I hope it works out!