Friday, July 29, 2016

La Canadienne Sale on Amazon

Quick alert-- I found 2 La Canadienne boots on super sale at Amazon for between $70-$80 each. It seems that only select sizes are on sale so hopefully these will work for a few of you out there. Reviewers did note that these have slim calves although hopefully I can post a review sometime in the near future.

La Canadienne Sandra boot ($70 for a size 6)

La Canadienne Passion boot ($80 for size 6, brown)

Update: I ended up keeping the "Sandra" boots, which are very attractive boots. Their shaft is a bit higher and stiffer, and a tiny bit narrower than the "Passion" boots. Although it's not a perfect fit, it's totally passable for my 12.5" calves to wear with skirts and definitely skinny jeans. The sole is rubber so it has good grip. My only complaint is that the toe is quite narrow and my usual size 6 is a bit too snug. I wanted to exchange for the 6.5 but the price had already bounced back to $400! I'll have to settle for wearing very thin socks. 

The "Passion" boots were too slouchy for my taste since I was looking for riding boots that I could also wear to work. 


  1. thanks for the tip! my sister and I both bought the Sandra boots. they are cute! the shaft opening is a bit too wide for me but that's only because I'm short (5'3"). my sister has longer legs and is 5'5" and the shaft opening hits right at the wider part of her calf. I'm gonna keep mine anyways cuz of the good price and it still looks good with skinny jeans. love this blog! :)

    1. That's great that you were able to snag the Sandra boots! I ended up keeping mine as well. My usual size 6 is a bit snug because the toe part is quite narrow, but when I went back to order the 6.5, the price had bounced back to $400!

  2. Thanks for your help finding narrow calf boots! If any of your readers is a size 37, I just listed a pair of new Coclico Bridge black high heeled boots on eBay, and their calf circumference is 13 1/2. The heel is just a bit too high for me. Hope it helps!