Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Cozy winter boots by Timberland

Given that it's only October, perhaps a post about cozy winter boots is a bit premature. But it's never too early to plan! Last year, I tried on the Timberland Earthkeepers Granby boot, and was pretty excited about it. It's a knee-high lace-up boot that I think would be great for walking around. I sometimes walk to work and envision these being good for the 30-minute walk each way when I wear skirts or skinny jeans/pants. Because of the laces, I was able to tighten them snugly around my 12-inch calf. I liked that added just enough bulk to the lower half of my leg to make my calves look nicely filled out. I also liked that they were a bit rugged, yet still feminine. They do run small, so order at least a half size up. I wear a 6 (sometimes a 6.5) and a size 7 fit best. The 6.5 was still way too snug because the inside is entirely lined with fleece. 

They're currently at Endless. I tried out Endless for the first time this year and liked it. The free 2-day shipping and returns were great. Plus, I had to call customer service for some help with my order and found the rep very helpful. The boots are also at Zappos (limited sizes) and Piperlime, and probably a bunch of other sites including Shoebuy and Planet Shoes, which offer free shipping and regular promotions. The comments sections on all of these sites might help with questions you have regarding fit and quality. For example, one person felt the boot was best suited for very slim calves because its natural thickness could make even average size calves seem overly bulky. 

Update - I was able to try on a pair in black (pictured above) and they're not exactly how I remember them. I still think they're cute but the beige-colored fleece is much more drab/dull looking than it initially seemed. I also read some reviews that say the traction on these is bad on ice.


  1. Hello Little Contessa,

    Thank you for sharing with us your wealth of knowledge on boots. Unfortunately, my issue is just contrary to yours. I have wider calves. Could you please help me find boots for my 16.5in calves?

    Thanks a ton,


  2. Hi Anon! Thanks for the suggestion! There are quite a few resources out there for girls with wider calves, such as wide-calf boots and blog postings about that issue. I'd like to keep this blog focused primarily on skinny calves, but perhaps, once in awhile, I can have an entry dedicated to the wide-calf issue, since quite a few girls are in your situation. I'll try to reference resources I've come across or boots that I've tried on that would be good for girls with greater than 15.5 inch calves.

  3. I am glad I found your blog! Everyone I know and every boot I see seems to be large calved! I was looking at these boots online and decided to Google for reviews. Nice to see they fit well on smaller calved ladies like us (I'm 5'3", calves are just over 11in circumference). I really liked the look of the brown, perhaps it will look less drab with the beige interior?

    My last pair of boots were much cheaper, from Journeys (mall store). They have nearly bit the dust after four years of heavy winter wear so time to upgrade, I think I've decided these are the pair for me. Although, the issue of tread on ice does concern me as I am in very snowy Germany (got our first snow a month early this year, yesterday!) but looking at the soles they seem a little better suited that my current boots so hopefully it won't be an issue for me.

    Thanks again for the review, I look forward to others...and to knowing I am not the only slim calved woman in the world!