Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Franco Sarto Whitney Boot

I was excited to try on the Whitney boot ($130) because several reviewers on its DSW product page alluded to a narrow calf. It looks like a pretty nice, standard boot-- the kind that doesn't make an outfit, but complements it. I ordered the dark grey and found the color pretty versatile. The boot is made of a thick, good quality soft suede, with a full zip up the side. The material is stiff enough so it doesn't sag, and I didn't spot any obvious gaping at the ankles. There doesn't seem to be much cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot, but it still seems comfortable, despite the high heel. My true size 6 fit well. 

As you can see in the picture below, the shaft is quite tall-- way too tall for me. Unfortunately, it's also way too wide for my calves. The description lists a circumference of 15" but I measured approximately 13.5" and assume that it could potentially stretch to slightly larger than that. I think it's a good option for 13.5"-14" calves, but not a viable option for skinnier calves. 

Franco Sarto Whitney wedge boot ($130)

So far, I've only seen these boots at DSW, which has regular shipping / promo codes. Remember to look up if any are available if you plan on ordering. Their website also allows you to check the boots' availability at your closest DSW store. 


  1. HI! Thanks so much for doing review on boots. I have 11 inch calves so finding ones that fit me is almost impossible. I bought 14 inch circumference boots last year and the snow would go in=P

  2. I have the same exact problem. Have 12 inch calves. Been looking for boots to go with fall fashion. Not been having too much luck. Will share with you if I find anything. Will follow your blog eagerly.

  3. I just bought these: and am pretty happy with them.

    But oh how I want flat black riding boots! Can't find ones that fit my calves anywhere. (Just bought a pair online that I have to return because they were way too big...they'd fit around my thighs!)

  4. @Anonymous
    I'm really hoping to find boots for 11-12" calves. So far, it seems that lace up boots might be the best option so I'm planning a post on those soon.

  5. Also, I just bought Dolce Vita Donner Boot on thinking that they might fit skinnier legs. I knew it wouldn't be a perfect fit no matter what (I have 12" calves). However, I could live with a small gap between the boots and my calves. I just received the boots and they are way too big. But I tried them on with chunky leg warmers underneath and they don't look that bad. They filled in the gap nicely and look like the sweater top boots that are in style right now.

    As for finding a perfect fit for 12" calves, stretch boots may be another option. Nordstrom has a couple: BP. Cascade Boot (reasonably priced), Stuart Weitzman 'Demi' Stretch Suede Boot (very expensive)

    The Sanzia Women's Fly Stretch Riding Boot is partial stretch boot and looks like it may fit skinnier legs. Sold on Amazon.

    Sorry for the long comments. I actually spent a good part of today searching for boots that might fit my legs and thought I would share.

  6. @Anonymous
    Thanks so much for your helpful comments. I'm always glad to check out any recommended possibilities. I'm thinking of doing a post just on stretch boots, since I've come across a few as well during my searches. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Thanks for the input!!! Can you please tell me how tall you are? I would love to have these boots, but am 5'2 on a good day! Thanks in advance!!!

  8. @AnonymousYou're welcome! I'm so glad this is helpful. I too am around 5'2" (actually, in between 5'1" and 5'2") so I think the picture is a pretty good approximation of how they would fit on you. Hopefully I'll find a shorter shaft boot soon.