Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Biviel bv2166 Wedge

Last week, a boot that I’d spotted awhile ago –  Biviel Women's Bv2166 Wedge Boot – went on sale. Its description on Endless listed a calf circumference of 12¾, which was too good to pass up. It's also available on sale in limited sizes at Shoe Metro.

Since I read that Biviel tends to run small, I ordered a 6.5, a half-size larger than my usual. In the picture below, you can see that the boot initially fit my calves quite well. The wedge does not feel too high and it is surprisingly comfortable, although definitely not a walking shoe. The sole is not wooden and has some grip--always a good feature in the winter. The boots are a rich shade of brown and I liked the detailing on the sides. I was able to slide the boots on/off easily.
Biviel bv2166 Wedge Boot
Unfortunately, although the circumference is indeed narrow, I was disappointed to see that the boot shaft does not hold itself up. The suede is very soft so the shaft quickly slid down as I started walking. I could not figure out a way to keep the boot shaft up (Suggestions? Multiple pairs of socks would feel clunky, so perhaps leg warmers underneath?) The boots tended to settle around the middle of my shins, where my leg is much less than 12” around, so they looked pretty silly. I was so excited about this pair of boots and disappointed that they were executed poorly. 

These were not a keeper for me but maybe some of you will have better luck. I’m not exactly sure who this pair of boots would work for. Perhaps those of you with 13” calves and not very skinny shins/ankles. Or those of you who have 12-12.5” calves and can figure out a way to make them stand up straight. Here are some additional pics. 

Inside Leg
Outside Leg (boot doesn't stand up on its own)
A couple of years ago, Biviel made a pair of boots with a calf circumference that was apparently truly 12". Here's to hoping that they'll do something similar in the near future!

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