Wednesday, October 10, 2012


(Spoiler: Since I don't want you to get your hopes up as I did, this is an FYI that this post does not end on a happy note.)

I'm excited about a pair of boots I just ordered and wanted to write a quick note about them. They are the Kickers "Heroick" Boots from Nordstrom. Nordstrom's website has a section specifically for narrow calf boots, but I've noticed that boots seem to regularly  be removed from this section once customers report that the calf width is wider than advertised. 

The calf circumference for the Heroick boot is listed as 12.5", which seemed a bit too good to be true, so I submitted a question to their customer service team. Their CS reps seem pretty timely about responding to questions and I received the following response today: 

"LittleContessa - Yes, the approximate calf circumference for this style is 12 1/2". This style is designed for a narrow calf. The measurement is taken from a size 8, so as the sizes get smaller the calf size will also be slightly smaller."

That's so exciting! I'm still trying not to get my hopes too high and I'm sure you ladies understand why. Hopefully I'll get these in the mail in time for me to post a review this weekend. 

Update: I received these boots in the mail today a couple of hours after my initial post (kudos to Nordstrom for their timely free shipping) and they are definitely not narrow calf boots (no kudos for the poor attention to detail). The calf circumference is around 14" for the smallest size :( I'll post a review and pics this weekend.

And so... the quest continues!


  1. I found your blog searching for skinny calf boots. My calves are 11 inches, so super skinny. I found a great boot last weekend, Miz Mooz Webster. I got it in store, so much cheaper than you can get it online (it was under $200 for me, but online is pricier, but if you're close to NYC, you can get it in store). I bought a size 6 because that's what they had (am normally 5.5), and they fit my calves really well (a little gap, but I have 11" calves, so...). And the height was perfect (I'm 5'2). I have very narrow feet and ankles, so I think if I had gotten them in 5.5, they would have fit perfectly, but they're really a keeper at size 6 anyway.

    1. Thank you! I ordered the Miz Mooz Webster from Amazon as soon as I read your review, so I should be able to post a review next week. I really appreciate the heads up. The listing says a much wider calf so it would not have caught my attention. Did you get them from the Miz Mooz store or another store?

    2. Hi again Anon - I just got the Miz Mooz Webster today and sadly, the calf on mine was much larger at approx. 14". Perhaps there's variation among individual pairs, and I'm glad your worked for you. However, these were definitely a no go for me. I will try to post pics and a review for the rest of the readers later this week.