Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Corso Como Radar

I have a soft spot for boots with a built in knit sock, and that's what stood out to me about Corso Como's "Radar" ($80-$200) boots. I featured them in my very first boot roundup and was excited when I saw that they were still in stock and on sale. The sock hugged my 12" calf comfortably. I didn't have a problem with the shaft height (16"-16.5"), although some reviewers complained that these boots were too tall for shorter women. I do think they may be more flattering if you're taller because the shaft tends to sag, and I'm not too crazy about how the top of the sock hit me at mid-knee in the pictures below. 

The boots are very comfortable. The soft sock and thick suede feel very rich. The sock is stitched into the top of the boots so it doesn't extend all the way to the toes. I prefer this because it would be too warm for me otherwise. The side zip goes up about half the length of the boot, so it would be easy to pull down skinny jeans or fix socks that get bunched up. My main issues are: (1) The shaft sags a bit too much for me. This is expected (my boots look almost exactly the same as the model in this boot roundup). The ankles actually fit quite well, but the area above the ankle is less fitted; (2) The foot is not very structured so the view from the top is not great. 

Corso Como's Radar boots are available in limited sizes at Amazon, Shoebacca,,, and Online Shoes

I ordered them from Amazon Warehouse Deals, which sells almost perfect items (that cannot be sold as brand new) at deep discounts. It indicated that the boots were in almost new condition, with the possibility for minor damage to the packaging or evidence of very slight wear. Unfortunately, when I received my package, one sock had a hole and the other sock had multiple loose threads that were visible. Very disappointing-- they went back right away! I got them for about $50 so I would have considered keeping them otherwise. However, another reader who also ordered from the Warehouse said her shoes arrived in great condition. 

Corso Como "Radar"

Strange droopiness above one ankle
I'm not crazy about how they look from the top
Happy holiday shopping!
~ Little Contessa


  1. I think they look pretty darned cute on you, actually, esp. for 50 bucks -- but understand not wanting to keep damaged goods ;)