Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Franco Sarto Candy

Franco Sarto's Candy ($100) boots may work for those of you who have calves that are on the fuller side of the "skinny calf" scale, but I don't think they will work for the majority of us who have very skinny calves. The calf circumference of a size 6 measured approximately 12.75". The shaft height was 15". Although the top of the boots isn't very wide, the rest of the shaft is slightly wider and felt too wide for my 12" calves. The last two pictures below give you a more accurate picture of what they looked like when I wore them. I'm wearing thin tights in the pictures below and didn't try them on with jeans. Although I think the top of the boots would be a more snug fit with jeans, I'm not sure jeans would solve the shaft issue sufficiently for me. These boots are available at DSW and all sizes are in stock currently. 

Franco Sarto "Candy" boots

~ Little Contessa


  1. Thanks for the review. Sigh. I thought maybe it was a reasonably priced option but not with my size 9 feet and skinny calves.

    1. Sorry anon :( Hopefully one day we will be rewarded with a reasonably priced option.

  2. I'd just like to say thank you so much for this blog! I'm on the hunt for a pair of boots that will fit my 11.5" calves, & I'm sure this blog will be a great resource. :)

    I also wanted to pass on a potentially good find to you.There's a company called Skinny Leg Boots that makes boots for skinny legs (as you'd imagine, lol). It was started by a lady who is also shared our trouble of finding a good pair of boots to fit her skinny calves. I am in no way affiliated with the company; I just was super excited when I found it because it may be a solution to this skinny calf conundrum....

    Anyway, here are the important stats about its boots:

    - calf circumference: 11 - 12.5 inches
    - ankle circumference: 7 - 8.5 inches
    - shaft height: 16 inches
    - shoe size: 2.5 - 13 US
    - material: suede leather
    - price: $395 USD
    - made in Spain
    - website:

    Unfortunately I can't order a pair right now since I'm a broke college graduate, but if you do decide to order a pair I'd greeeeaaaaaattttlllllyyy appreciate a review. I've researched the company & yes, it seems legitimate. I'm just hoping someone will buy a pair, do a review, & post pics, hehe. ;) :)

    Good luck in your search for the perfect pair of boots!

    PS: Right now there are some boots that are marked as final sale & non-returnable but, oddly, at the same price as the others, which doesn't make any sense at all!! So if you like what you see on there & don't mind the risk, maybe you can haggle with the company for a lower price?

  3. I need help! I am trying to find a pair of boots that will fit my foot.
    I have a size 10 or 11 foot. My calves are 13.5 inches (in the middle of the calf). I am looking for a brown leather riding boot, possibly $150 and lower. Please help!

  4. I think i have found the holy grail for all slim calf ladies.

    the website is They offer boots for slender calfs, but that is not the exciting part. They offer a boot slimming service for the boots purchased from their site for only $35 extra. I nearly fell off of the couch when i saw this. How totally exciting is this. I have yet to order, but i will be placing an order soon.

  5. Ok, time to fire up the blog again, right? Please?? This year my goal is slim fitting cognac riding boots. I've amassed a healthy selection of slim calved black boots, thanks to you :)

    Also, I came across this blog - that reviews a bunch of options, but either she is measuring differently than you are (? Outside of the boot?) or her standards for thin calved boots are not nearly as strict as yours - calling 13.5 in as thin a you can get.

    1. Whoops - the link is (typing on my phone!)

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  6. Waiting for this year's suggestions. Came across this site which has boots for 12-1/2in widths. It says they will also adjust the calf width of boots for $35

    1. sorry, here;s the site

  7. Little Contessa, Have you given up the quest for skinny calf boots? I was waiting for your 2014 list.

  8. I have a very narrow 12.5" calf as well! It is so difficult to find boots to fit my petite frame (5'0", 100 lbs on a good day)

    I purchased the Castina wedge boot by Kate Spade a couple of weeks ago -- it is available right now with 30% off and it fits perfectly (very, very snug!! it takes some work getting them on/off but the good news is that either they loosened up a little bit or I'm now a pro at getting them on/off).

    The other pair of boots I had great luck finding were the Tory Burch Irene Riding Boot in 2012. You can still find them around ebay if you are patient. Check out how the size 6.5 fits my narrow calf here --> ... (soon to be transitioning to I've never found a better casual boot than those. They aren't super snug, but not loose like all the others either. I'll post pics later this evening of the Castina boot by Kate Spade.

    Another tip: Try searching by calf circumference on (you probably already have though!). Nordstrom allows a narrow calf serach but they don't have many options and they are really expensive!! Also, give the Tory Burch Sullivan boot a try. It says 14" calf but that's what the Irene boots advertised also. Good luck searching!!