Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boot Roundup

In trying to find the next pair of boots to review, I came across the following options for a boot roundup. As always, I haven't tried these on, but base my selections on descriptions, reviews, and tips from fellow skinny calf Contessa's :)

* Thanks to all of you who friended / liked me on Facebook! It's so great to see how many other skinny calf ladies are out there and rockin it! Hopefully the page will make it easier for us to share quick and timely tips. 
** Unrelated, but I realized that Amazon is having a sale - 30% off $100 on select boots/shoes. Good deal!

1) Enzo Angiolini Deanja ($90-$170, review)
I ordered these because there were quite a few positive reviews about the narrow calves as well as reviews complaining about the narrow calves. See the link to my review above. They are widely available online at Zappos, Nordstrom, Amazon, Piperlime, Bloomingdales, Shoebuy, Heels, and Lord and Taylor
Enzo Angiolini "Deanja"

2) Chinese Laundry Faith ($50-$80)
A helpful reader - SS - sent me a note about these boots along with a picture. A size 7.5 fit her 12.5" calves. A narrow calf boot that's affordable - that's good news! They are available at DSW, Shoebuy, Macy's, Shoes, Amazon, and Chinese Laundry. 
Chinese Laundry "Faith"
Thanks to reader "SS" for sharing these great pics!

3) Born Lecia ($160-$185)
I considered ordering these for a review and I think I still might. They remind me of a smooth leather option of Timberland lace-up boots that I still regret missing out on a couple of years ago. There are a couple of complaints that the toe is too round. Hopefully the lace-up means these are friendly to narrow calves. Available at Shoes, Amazon, Planet Shoes, and Back Country.
Born "Lecia"

4) Born Estelle ($190-$210)
Another lace-up boot but these lace up the side, which is kind of a nice change. Not too many reviews yet. One reviewer did complain that the laces were too delicate. I do think there's a good possibility that the lace-up is more decorative than functional. Also, I noticed that the leather on my GeeWaWa Blair (both the boots and the laces) has stretched a tiny bit after a few wears, so even if this fits okay laced up tightly, I'm wondering if it could stretch. Widely available at Nordstrom, Zappos, Macy's, Amazon, Shoes, Shoebuy, and Online Shoes
Born "Estelle"
5) Rocket Dog Renaldo ($77-$90)
Although these are another pair of lace-up boots, I'm always happy to find affordable options. Only a couple of reviews so far. Available at Amazon, Zappos, Shoemall, Shoes, and Rocket Dog.   
Rocket Dog "Renaldo"

6) Dirty Laundry Pride and Joy ($50-$85)
Another affordable lace-up option. Available at Amazon, Zappos, Macy's, Shoes, and DSW
Dirty Laundry "Pride and Joy"
Stay warm!

~ Little Contessa


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