Sunday, November 17, 2013

A list of narrow calf boot successes

A reader suggested that I compile a list of all the boots featured on this blog that worked well and could be options for skinny calf ladies. She said that having all the boots in one place would mean that she didn't have to scroll through every single post to figure out which reviews were good ones. That was really helpful feedback and I totally agreed. I put together the following list based on boots that I reviewed as well as ones from boot round-ups that received positive feedback from readers. I can't decide if I'll keep adding to this list or write these lists periodically (assuming that we find many more boots that work!). 

Fitzwell Finley Narrow Calf
I'm happy to say these boots are true narrow calf boots. They worked for lots of us. I just hope they won't sell out anytime soon because Zappos already sold out of sizes 6 and 6.5.
Fitzwell "Finley" Narrow Calf
Aquatalia Unity
As I state in my review, these boots are perfect for my narrow calves. A couple of readers had positive experiences as well. I wish Aquatalia would produce more of these.
Aquatalia "Unity"

La Canadienne Dorina
A lot of readers have had success with these and reviews of La Canadienne generally are super positive. 
La Canadienne "Dorina"

Chinese Laundry "Faith"
I haven't tried these on but a reader sent a picture showing that these fit her slim calves well. They are available at DSWShoebuyMacy's, ShoesAmazon, and Chinese Laundry. 
Chinese Laundry "Faith"

GeeWaWa Blair
These were a keeper for me but were selling out quickly. My size 6 is a tiny bit loose for my 12" calves (with the laces tightened as much as I could) so I don't recommend them if you wear a larger size shoe and have a similar size calf. Also, Shoebacca doesn't do free returns on clearance items so it cost me $20 to return the pair I didn't keep. 
GeeWaWa "Blair"

Naya Quail
My success with these boots pretty much inspired me to write this blog. So I have a soft spot for these boots, although I now realize that the ankles are a bit too baggy (no ankle support) and the wooden heel now is a bit painful for my back if I wear them for too long. However, I'm still a big fan of the quality of the leather and the idea of an adjustable calf boot that's not lace-up. I wish more mainstream boots were like this so they could work for regular-calf as well as skinny-calf ladies. 
Naturalizer Naya "Quail"

Simple Brrlin
I own these in grey and black, and they have been great walking / commuting / casual boots. I wish more of these were available because they could work for women with calves as slim as 11" because of the adjustable back.
Simple "Brrlin"

Timberland Granby
I wish I kept these because they were so easy to adjust to small calves but still had a side zip so I wouldn't have to use the laces each time. They seemed comfortable and sturdy, but I wasn't crazy about the beige fleece lining, which seemed a bit discolored on the pair I ordered. Still, I think I would have gotten a lot of use from these boots and they would be easy to wear with leggings and some skirts. 

Blondo Louna
These are a pair that I kept and have gotten a lot of use from. From my review you can see that they are not as well tapered to my leg as the Fitzwell Finley but they have good ankle support and are overall, very comfortable and good quality boots. They are still available at Amazon, Shoes6pm, and Blondo.  
Blondo "Louna"

Blondo Pasadena
These were reviewed twice - once by a reader and then by me. The fit is similar to the Louna and they are similarly good quality and comfortable. Still available at Amazon
Blondo "Pasadena"

La Canadienne Ramona
I didn't review these personally but a few readers had success with these and the reviews are generally positive. 

Diba Hear Me Now
I didn't try these on but some readers had success with these. 
Diba "Hear Me Now"

Coclico Carson
I thought these pricey boots were very pretty and liked the fit. A few readers agreed and wrote me emails when they scooped up discount deals for these boots. 
Coclico "Carson"

Coclico Danann
I didn't get a chance to try these on but loved the picture sent in by a reader. 
Coclico "Danann"

Frye Melissa Scrunch
These boots get an honorable mention because they may work for some of you who are on the larger end of the narrow calf spectrum. They are still widely available at Zappos, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Amazon, and Frye
Frye "Melissa Scrunch"

Aquatalia Drew
These get an honorable mention as well because I read a review on another blog (thanks to a reader for sharing!). Limited sizes are available at Amazon, and also at Avenue K, and Foot Notes Online (I have no experience ordering from the last two sites).
Aquatalia "Drew"
Let me know if there are other ways to make this post more helpful of if you have suggestions for posts that might be interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing you weigh in on the comments about boots that worked for you that I either forgot to mention or haven't yet featured on this blog!

~ Little Contessa


  1. I ordered the Blondo Pasadena in a size 9 and while they're not fitted to my calves (I'm 5' 5" and mine measure 11 inches), they are smaller than most boots out there and they are cute and great quality. I got them for only $70 so they were worth it :-) Love your blog!

    1. That is such a steal!! I think it's a great buy because these boots are such high quality and if you ever decide to get the calf tailored, the leather should make it possible.

  2. I should probably update this post to include the Aldo Floria boots (reviewed Oct. 6) since these could be a viable option for narrow calves.

  3. I bought the Blondo Louna in a 9.5 from Amazon and the 10 from With coupon codes over Black Friday they only ran for about 160 each! Now I just have to wait and see which one fits!

  4. Here is a boot that you should check out. I have narrow calves, and these worked for me. Etienne Aigner Captain

  5. I just ordered boots from
    It's a company in London that makes tailored boots. They ship to the United States for free and you don't pay tax. I am 5'1", have 13" calves, 7.5" ankles, and size 7.5 feet. I was able to choose the boot height, shoe size, and calf size. I ordered a boot that specifically states that it's for narrow ankles too, so they should work out for me. The link should take you to the boots I ordered:

    1. I forgot to mention, right now they're having a 15% off sale. Just type in US15 as the code.

  6. Thank you for this blog. I am so frustrated trying to find the right boots and now that I found this blog, I can't find Fitzwell "Finley" Narrow Calf in my size (6). Any suggestion?

  7. Hi Little Contessa! Have you tried Miz Mooz boots? I have two pairs, and I LOVE them. I have 12" calves, and the Miz Moozes I got (styles Flynn and Britt) have great calf circumference, are super cute, very comfortable, and not terribly over priced (got mine from Amazon). Of course not all Miz Mooz boots have skinny calves, but they have a lot of them. Worth a try!