Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boot Roundup

It's election day! And although I don't think boots are on people's minds this morning, I wanted to do another quick roundup post. It was exciting to see quite a few comments on the last roundup post and I'm sure other readers found them helpful as well. I hope those of you who have experience with the boots below can chime in to the discussion. (Apologies in advance for the Frye overload. They just pop up the most in my Zappos searches and I don't know yet if this is because their calf circumferences are incorrectly listed or because they actually have narrow calves.) 

1) Frye Melissa Scrunch ($400, review) - 12"
I ordered these today and hope to put up a review next week. Both Amazon and Zappos say the circumference is 12", so we'll see. [UPDATE: Thanks to Zappos' great service, I got these boots shortly after posting this entry. Unfortunately, the size 6 has a 13" calf circumference so it won't work for most of us. I'll post a review soon].

2) Frye Mimi Back Scrunch Boot ($450) - 13"
These seem like a heel version of the Melissa scrunch. Only one review so far on Zappos, but the reviewer said they fit her self-described narrow calves. Available at AmazonZappos, Frye, and Dillards. Frye says a size 6 has a 13.25" circumference, which makes me think it's the same for the Melissa Scrunch. 

3) Frye Mimi Scrunch Boot ($260-$390) - 14" (size 7.5)
Ladies with both narrow- and regular-calves submitted reviews that said these boots fit them well, so I'm a bit confused on how well these could work. Found them at Amazon (some on sale), Zappos (black is on sale for $215), Heels.com, and 6pm (in a size 11 for $215). Frye says a size 7 has a 13" calf, which made me wish I ordered these to review instead because perhaps a size 6 has a 12.5" calf.

4) Frye Riding Chelsea ($500) - 13" (size 7)
A couple of reviewers said these were tight on their calves but one reviewer said a size 9 was too large for her 13 1/4" calves. Many reviewers said they sized down at least 1 size and a couple of reviewers said these are more suitable for taller women. At Zappos and Amazon. Frye says a size 6 has a 15" circumference, but that doesn't seem in line with the Zappos reviews. 

5) Romantic Soles - Lynnea Narrow Calf Boot ($120, review
A size 7.5 is listed as having a 14" circumference but one reviewer said these boots fit her 12" calves. I'm thinking of ordering these. These are marketed specifically as a narrow-calf boot, which I haven't seen before. So far, I've only seen them at Zappos

6) DV by Dolce Vita Lujan-2 ($200-$220)
A few reviewers said these were good for skinny calves and one reviewer said they fit her 13" calf well. The shaft is listed as 17" tall so this might be for taller ladies. One reviewer on Piperlime said these were too big for her calf. Available at ZapposShoes.com, Macy's, and Piperlime.

7) Me Too Latrice ($155) 
Zappos lists a size 8.5 as having a 12" circumference, which is hard to believe, although the fabric panel at the back makes me hopeful. Available also at AmazonShoebuy, and Shoeline. Reviews on the HSN seem positive, although none commented on a narrow calf, which makes me question whether these are truly for slim calves. 

8) Rockport Tristina ($225)
Says a size 7 has a 12" calf. I like the look of these. Available at ZapposPlanet ShoesShoebuyRockport, and Amazon. One Amazon reviewer said the calf on a size 9 was too big for her 13" calf and a Zappos reviewer said the calf on a size 9.5 was too small for her 14.5" calf. 

9) Rockport Lola ($190) 
Zappos says a size 8 has a 14" calf. One reviewer said these fit her 13" calf well but didn't provide her shoe size. 

10) Sesto Meucci Darsy ($362)
Zappos doesn't have many sizes left but lists a 12" circumference for a size 7.5. I couldn't find these boots elsewhere, but did find a similar pair called 1201/M from the same brand, on Amazon. 


p.s. - I don't know why my Amazon links have those annoying white boxes around them... perhaps b/c they're affiliate links?


  1. First let me start off by saying I am so happy to have found your blog!! It's a constant struggle for me to find boots that fit my skinny calves. And as a size 9.5/10, it's even more difficult to get ones with a narrow circumference.

    I ordered a pair of the DV by Dolce Vita Lujan to try. They are really pretty boots! Especially for the price! But unfortunately, they are too big around my calves :( I read a review by you on the Frye Jenna Inside Zip. I was trying to avoid spending too much on the boots which is why I went with the DV ones first, but I think I'm going to order those next and see how I do.

    1. Since the frye pair I ordered were a size 6, the calf circumference on a 9.5/10 will likely be quite a bit larger. I'm not sure what your calf circumference is but the Romantic Soles Lynnea might be an option. They're not as polished looking as Frye's but I totally understand not wanting to spend too much on boots. The Lujan boots are so pretty and a pretty good deal considering the leather upper. I wish they worked too!

  2. Little Contessa you are the best!

    Thank you for your help! :-)

    1. Aw thanks! I really hope we can all find some good options this season! Next year, I'm definitely going to start searching waaay in advance of boot season :)

  3. Thanks for all the information! I just ordered the Frye Melissa Scrunch after a horrible experience with the Frye Melissa Trapunto. It looked like I was wearing $10 rainboots!

    1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for the heads up about the Melissa Trapunto boot-- I hope the Melissa Scrunch works for you!

  4. Hi - I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find this blog. I have ordered - and promptly returned - dozens and dozens of boots from Zappos, Amazon, Nordstrom, you name it.

    I wanted to comment about #7 above, Me Too Lattrice - I have these boots, and of all my current boots, I really like them, get compliments when I where them, etc. That being said, they are still too wide in the calf for my liking - can stick my hand down the side (though not as easily as most boots). Still looking for a truly narrow calf, like the Steve Maddens I had and kept for years and years and years ... nothing remotely close has come out since!

    1. I'm sure a lot of readers will find your note about Me Too Latrice super helpful! I have other pairs of Me Too shoes and love their quality since they've lasted me years, so I'd love to find a viable knee-high boot option from them.

  5. I was hunting for such narrow calf boots, I am glad to have found them on the link you have provided. The prices are also very competitive and I am glad to purchase it from there.