Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: Blondo Vergara

The price of Blondo's Vergara boots recently dropped by $70 (from $250 to $180) at Nordstrom and since most sizes are still available, it seemed like a good time to post a review. I included these boots in a recent boot roundup because there are lots of shout-outs to skinny-calf ladies on the product page.  

My true size (6) fit well. The foot of the boot is leather, but the description says that the shaft is a "stretchy, diamond quilted" fabric and it reminded me of a fabric version of chain-link. I think the picture on their product page is very accurate. Although the boots fit well, they weren't my style. They are a bit too shiny for me and the foot portion seemed to stand out so I felt they made my foot look really long (another reviewer had this same complaint). However, after wearing them for a bit around my apartment, I warmed up to them more and I think they look nice in the pictures below. 

Blondo Vergara ($250, now $180)

I measured the calf circumference of the size 6 at 12.5" but it can definitely stretch to accommodate wider calves. A reader of this blog said that a size 9.5 fit her 13" calves. The boots are a good height, hitting at 1-2" below the knee, and seem comfortable. There is some gaping at the ankles that is visible in the first two photos. Overall, I think these could be good riding boots that would work for daily wear, although I don't know how well they'd work with skirts because the two different fabrics give off a more casual look. Also, for those of us with <12.5" calves, I think the gaping at the top of the shaft would be too evident with skirts/leggings. Reviews posted to the boots' product page seem universally positive about the fit and Blondo's quality, and they are described as being waterproof, which is a big plus. They are listed as a "Nordstrom exclusive," which means it's unlikely to find them elsewhere.
Blondo 'Vergara'
Blondo 'Vergara'
I don't think these boots are for me but I hope this review helps some of you!
Little Contessa


  1. Thank you for the review. I found ths blog because I am so frustrated with the wide calf boots! I am 5'8" and my calves are 11.75 and I am a size 8. I will say I found a pair last year of tall black boots from Isaac Mizrahi.(not Target). They were reasonably priced at $120 and are the closest I have found to actually fitting.

    1. You're welcome :) I totally recognize the challenge of finding a narrow calf boot in a size 8. Sometimes I feel like I just get lucky because I'm a size 6 so that means the shafts are proportionately a bit smaller. But it's unfair for most of the narrow-calf community. I'm trying to put up as many reviews / comments as possible on the main shopping websites so hopefully they get our message.

  2. I found your blog from your review for these on the Nordstrom site. I couldn't agree more. I'm also a size 6, 5'2" and live in the DC area. I picked these up on sale last week and had the same feeling about the foot looking too long. I feel like they make my feet look huge. I am on the fence about whether to keep them or return them. They are are very comfortable and they are the first riding boot that fits in the calf. But I feel like I'm wearing clown-hoppers.

  3. I just found this blog and it's awesome but this review leaves me a bit crushed. My calves are 11.5" and I wear a size 8.5/9. I was so happy to read that these could fit my calves but then when I read that they make feet look really long, I don't think I will even bother. I am 5'6" with really narrow feet so my feet always look long, I don't need them accentuated! I will keep hunting and following. Thanks for this!