Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Frye Melissa Scrunch

I'll try to keep this review short since I already mentioned these boots in a previous boot roundup. Although Zappos and Amazon list these as having a 12" circumference, I measured 13" on the size 6 pair I received. I think there are a few of you in the 12.5" - 13" range who these boots will work for, but for me, these are a pass. 

I ordered these in the Dark Brown, which is a brownish-reddish and seems like a pretty versatile color. The boots hit a couple of inches below the knee. Since the front of the boot is a "flat" leather while the back of the boot is a "scrunched" leather, I felt like the front splayed out a bit on the side.  As one reviewer noted, the foot bed is pretty narrow. I have narrow feet and my foot still took up the entire foot bed, so sizing up may be worth considering. They were comfortable but the soles on these boots were very slippery on my wood and carpet floors. 

Frye Melissa Scrunch Boots ($400)
Frye Melissa Scrunch Boots

I wasn't crazy about how these boots looked around my calf, but I didn't try them on with jeans. Although I do think they'd look better with jeans, the fact that they are pull-on makes it unlikely that I'd ever wear them with jeans because they'd probably cause my jeans to scrunch up at the knee. The pictures below show close-ups of how they fit my calf. 

Frye Melissa Scrunch Boots

A close up of the top
(Sorry about the dark pictures. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get bright pictures and my iphone isn't cutting it.)  

Still searching!

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