Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: More Coclico Boots

UPDATE: Coclico is having a friends and family sale of 20% off from Nov. 23-25 with the promo code "FRIENDS". 

I was in NYC a few weeks ago and had a chance to visit the Coclico store in Soho. In an earlier boot roundup, a blog reader submitted a few pictures and reviews of Coclico boots, which she noted were expensive but suitable for slim calves, so I wanted to check them out in person. I enjoyed trying on their boots and the owner and sales associates were very helpful. The brand is super expensive but I wanted to write a post about the brand anyway because I know many of us keep our eyes and ears open about sales and because some of you have written to me about wanting to invest in a pair of well-fitting boots.

1) Coclico 'Carson' ($530-$555)

These are probably the best fitting boots I've come across so far. The pictures below don't fully capture how well they fit. A size 36 fit well. The major feature that sets these boots apart is that the ankle fit snugly around my very slim ankles. Absolutely no ankle gaping here! The chunky heel was easy to walk in and it hit about 1" below my knee, which I'm fine with. I'd feel comfortable wearing them with bare legs, although I think they'd look better with tights or skinny jeans. They are available at Coclico, Amazon (in mostly tan and a few brown), and City Soles (in brown and black). I haven't heard of City Soles so I was surprised to see that they have a video review of these boots and a few others from Coclico.

I left the store empty-handed because I don't think my wallet can take that kind of hit but perhaps some of you out there will be luckier :) The store offers free shipping. They only carry one of each size of each pair of boots in their store but may be able to help locate a pair of boots elsewhere. Since the boots are handmade, they said that they may even be able to have a new pair made (although not with custom measurements). Here are some additional pictures.
Coclico Carson

2) Coclico 'Windy' ($550)
I was excited to try on these boots after seeing positive reviews at AnthropologieI think I tried these on in a 36.5, which fit fine. These were incredibly comfortable and I didn't even notice the heel when I first put them on. However, the shaft hit my knees so I think they're best for ladies 5"4' or taller.  The shaft on these was wider than the Carson and could be manageable with jeans, but not optimal for those of us with <12.5" calves. These are certainly more casual than the Carson boots but could work with skirts. I probably wouldn't feel comfortable wearing such expensive boots as my casual/weekend boots. These boots are sold out at Shopbop but there seem to be frequent pop-backs. They are also at other online vendors that I found while googling. (In the picture below, my right leg is wearing my trusty Naya Quail boots, which I reviewed last year in this post.)
Coclico Windy
3) Coclico 'Ramona' ($535)
These were a bit more snug on my bare calves compared to the Windy boots, but still less snug than the Carson boots. I really liked them and think they'd be a great casual wear pair. I think they'd look great with skinny jeans or leggings. As with the others, these were very comfortable. Also available at Amazon, Neiman Marcus.
Coclico Ramona

closeup of Ramona's calf circumference
Little Contessa


  1. have you had any luck finding any ankle boots?

    1. I haven't spent much time looking for ankle boots but I'd like to expand to these eventually. I don't have ankle booties so I'm not sure what makes a pair of booties better suited for narrow calves. Any tips from readers would be appreciated. I came across one forum that said that openings <6 inches are best for skinny calves so perhaps I'll try and target those.

  2. I just purchased a pair of Duo boots and saw on their website that they sell ankle boots in different circumferences just like their high boots - might be worth a shot. Hope that helps in your search.

  3. Contessa, have you reviewed any of the Duo Boots? I have a 12.5" calf and have never been able to buy boots. Love your blog!! I'm checking in regularly so I can hopefully add pair to my Christmas list. Coclico look great but they are just priced too high.

    1. I haven't ordered from Duo boots but a friend of mine did and sent me a few notes on her experience, so I might write a post about that. I'm really considering them though because their boots look great, but I've noticed a few people complaining about wide ankles. Just a thing to keep in mind.
      I'm so glad you like the blog!

  4. Thanks for the blog! I was just thinking about how I want some boots but never end up buying them because of how they look on my calves. I have not measured mine but do know they are narrow. I went to Dillard's once and a sales associate was very helpful in which ones came in narrow or which ones were made a little more narrow then the others. It seems like everyone has problems with wide calves but no one has problems with narrow calves!

  5. I bought the Coclico Dana in black on Gilt on Thanksgiving and had a similar experience to yours. The ankle is awesome and so slim as I zipped up the boot, but they still gap some at the top so not sure they are worth the money. I am only 5'2" so they hit right at my knee and the gap out to the side. Love the style of the boot so very sad.

  6. Hi there, just wondering if you have tried out the Blondo Leana boots at all. Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much for your website! I have found a pair of black boots that fit FINALLY! And they are these! The Coclico Carsons are perfect for skinny calves. AND I got them on sale at City Soles. They are still on sale for anyone interested. $380 with free shipping!