Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Romantic Soles Lynnea

I mentioned Romantic Soles' Lynnea Narrow Calf boots in a recent boot roundup because the description says it's "designed to accommodate a narrow calf." This makes me optimistic that our community is starting to be recognized by mainstream vendors rather than just niche, high-end ones! I found these boots only on Zappos, got them today (Zappos' super-quick shipping never ceases to amaze me), and quickly took pictures to post this review. 

Romantic Soles Lynnea Narrow Calf Boots ($120)
My true size 6 seemed big and I think sizing down by a half-size would be appropriate. The calf circumference measured about 12.5" or slightly less. It was a good fit, as should be evident in the side profile picture below. The ankle fit well (finally!) but the area immediately above the ankle gaped a little, which is visible in the picture above. 

I found the material, which is not leather, to be a bit stiff and rubbery. One reviewer on Zappos said her boots scuffed easily and I can see how this is possible. While I think these boots would be fine for casual daily wear, I do wish they looked a bit fancier, but maybe I'm being a bit picky, given how challenging it can be to find boots at this price point. I  liked them more than most of the shiny / pleather-y / stretchy boots I've come across. Although I really liked how they looked from the side, something about the front bothered me. I feel like the "v" at the top isn't the best shape for a narrow-calf boot because it seems to create a slimming effect? Just a thought. 

close-up of the top of the boots
I wish this brand had more narrow calf styles to choose from. Currently, they also have a Lyris Narrow Calf Boot, which lists a 15" calf circumference for a size 9. I kinda like how these look. If any of you have tried these on, we would love to hear from you!

Little Contessa


  1. Thank you so much for doing reviews and trying to get the word out! I have 12" calves, and like you, don't want to spend a fortune for narrow calf boots! I just bought a used fair of Fryes on eBay. They look great, and the gaping is sort of evenly spaced, so it doesn't look too bad, but when I walk, they make noise when they flap against my calves...ha...nice!

    Have you seen the White Mountain Law Boot? It says a circumference of 13", but the picture doesn't look it. They have a western look, but not the kind of western look I like. :( Here they are just in case:

    1. Thanks for the boot suggestions - I'll check them out and see if I can scrounge up info on them. I hadn't thought about used Fryes but that seems reasonable because that brand is so frustratingly $$$! I haven't yet found any of theirs that work for us, but am still somewhat hopeful :)

  2. Here's another listed at 13 1/4," but Zappos has them listed as 14 3/4."

  3. I just ordered the Lyris Narrow Calf boots! Will give a review when they arrive! Thanks so much for your blog... Love it!