Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A few tips about DUO boots

A few readers have written to me when they're considering ordering from DUO boots to ask about my experience with the company. Although I can't write a review since I haven't ordered from DUO myself, I can share some tips from a friend of mine -- M -- who ordered from them about a year or so ago. 

A quick overview -- DUO allows women to purchase boots that are custom tailored to their leg measurements. They have a pretty wide selection of heeled boots, riding boots and ankle boots, and all appear to be leather. Prices  for ankle boots start right under $200, and tall boots range from $260 to over $400. I counted about thirty pairs that were $300 or under. I haven't spent a lot of time of their site but it seems to have a much larger selection of styles compared to just a couple of years ago. I found myself coveting quite a few pairs. My friend, M, said that the leather on her pair seemed high quality. I can't remember which style she ordered. 

There are a bunch of reviews of DUO floating around on the web and I'm not sure if the tips below add anything new, but here's some advice that M shared.

1) When ordering, send DUO an email asking if they can adjust ankle size, not just the calf size. In the return form that DUO sent her, they asked for many other dimensions aside from just her calf size. If she had seen that form initially, she could have made a much better decision. Her only complaint about the boots was that the ankle fit too loose. The calf fit perfectly. 

2) DUO has great customer service. M received immediate responses to her emails. When she returned the boots, she also received a very detailed message confirming that the boots were received. They offered to issue a refund unless she preferred to adjust any other dimensions on the boots.

3) Her main complaint about the order process was return shipping. She did USPS and paid $30. Shipping from the UK to the US (or other destinations worldwide) is free.

4) Items delivered to non-EU locations are subject to import taxes. A note from DUO about import taxes-- "Customs taxes are charged on goods shipped outside the EU, and unfortunately there is no way of avoiding these charges. Sometimes a parcel may slip through the net and not be charged but this would be lucky and not to be expected. The charges are usually about 10% of the cost of the product, plus an admin fee- it might be worth checking with your local customs office for more information." I’m not sure about the time frame to receive the notice about the tax, but it might take a month or more. I think hers was about 10% ($30) for her $300 pair of boots. 

If you have experience with DUO, please share in the comments. I look forward to reading them and I'm sure other readers do as well!

~ Little Contessa


  1. I recently heard of a custom-shoes and boots company based out of Canada, called Poppy Barley: http://poppybarley.com/

    Never ordered and don't know anyone who has, but maybe it's worth checking out.

  2. Hello Little Comtessa, I was so happy when I found your blog. I have calf size 31,5 cm (12,4 inches) and it has always been a nightmare for me to find boots for me (especially at reasonable price). Unfortunatelly I wont be able to use many of your tips as I am from Belgium and ordering from the USA may be more complicated, if not impossible for me.
    On the other hand - I may contribute with some tips from Europe, if you have any European readers here.

    First of all - I do have an experience with DUO boots. Last year I ordered without contacting them (if I know that it is possible to get adjustment for the ankle it would be better) one pair of boots in sales. I ordered 32 cm and the calf fits just perfectly. They were little bit narrow around the ankle, but it stretched out after some time. If I knew that I can have my ankle adjusted too it would be just perfect. This year I found another model I had some questions about, I contacted the customer service and they were very helpful. I will most probably not buy those shose in the end a I have just found another model in a shop today. Here in Belgium, boots of marque Cyprus - they do calf XL and also XS. This tip is not very useful for you I guess but if there are some European FR or BR readers they can be bought also online. Just search CYPRES CHAUSSURES.

  3. I have a very narrow calf (12.5") and have five pairs of Duo Boots. All of the above you mentioned is correct. I will add that they are GOOD quality boots. I have a pair of low heeled riding boots that I've worn to death and they still look brand new. That particular pair was purchased in 2007. They are a very nice company and will bend over backwards to help.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the feedback re: DUO. It's helpful to know you've had such a good experience with the brand!