Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boot Roundup

I'm traveling this week and since I cannot do any reviews, I thought I'd share some boots that I'm considering ordering for reviews. Surprisingly, I hadn't heard of most of these brands previously. Let's hope that means there will be lots more slim calf options in the future!
(Note-- See this boot roundup for information about Nine West's Noureen boots, a promising suggestion from a helpful reader!)

1) GeeWaWa Blair ($88, review)
A helpful reader shared her success with these boots (see her comment to this previous post). Personally, I'm thrilled to see an option that's less than $100. It makes me sad that most boots featured on this blog are so much more expensive. Although I've never been a fan of boots that lace up the front because they don't really work with my person style, I really like a lot of the new boots this year that lace up the back. Why don't more brands do this and why didn't they do this sooner?? I ordered size 6's in the chocolate and black to review and it appears there was only one each in stock, so now that size is showing as sold out. Our tipster said these run a full size too large so I'll probably return mine after the review. I'll add an addendum to this post once they're returned so those of you who are interested can keep an eye out for them. Unfortunately, it seems like they're only available at Shoebacca currently.

2) Arcopedio L31D ($175)
These are another pair of lace-up boots that I'm excited about. Unfortunately, Zappos seems to have sold out of them in black but still has a few left in brown. There's a few left on Amazon and Planet Shoes as well. Lots and lots of positive reviews from the small calf community! They're not real leather so there's a risk of them looking cheap. Personally, I get excited about vegan/vegetarian shoe options, but I just wish they weren't so expensive. I feel like an additional benefit of getting non-leather shoes should be that I shouldn't have to pay the same price as I would pay for leather. I'm hoping to order a pair soon to review. 
3) AIGLE Start M ($167)
There are very few of these left at Zappos and I couldn't find them elsewhere. Shoebuy used to carry them but they are out of stock. AIGLE appears to be a UK brand and hopefully they will soon be available on Amazon. A reviewer said a size 8.5-9 fit her 13" calves perfectly. I really like how these look but since they're not real leather, they might not appeal to everyone. 

It's exciting to see a boot that's marketed as "narrow calf" and that is reasonably priced! I just ordered the last size 6 so I hope to have a review up next week. According to Zappos, a size 9 has a 13.5 circumference. There's only one review so far and it is promising. Unfortunately, I haven't found these anywhere else.
Fitzwell Finley Narrow Calf ($139)

Happy searching! 
I hope to have reviews to share next week. 

~ Little Contessa


  1. Just ordered the Fitzwell Finley. Very excited about the prospects of a dress boot fitting my calves! Thank you!

    1. That's great that you got them! I can't wait to post my review! I'm surprised that there don't seem to be any other Fitzwell narrow calf boots for sale online. I might write a note to their customer service department to put this back on their radar!

  2. I bought the Fitzwell Finley and OMG they fit my thin calves perfectly! I'm so excited I just may buy another pair to 'save' for when these wear out!

    1. That's great news Laurie! I can't wait to get mine soon!

  3. As a follow up, I did receive the Fitzwell Finley and, miracle or miracles, they fit my skinny calves!!! Like Laurie, I am tempted to buy another pair as back up.

    While I am happy with the Finley as a basic, no-frills dress boot for work, they would not be my first pick if I had a regular sized calf. However, they are cute enough and comfortable. In my opinion, Fitzwell should make the ankle slimmer as well - I can't imagine anyone with a thin calf needing as much ankle room as the boots provide. I plan to bunch leg warmers around my ankles to take up the extra space and preserve the line of the boot. Otherwise, my boots would have baggy ankles in no time! LOL - the extremes we go to for fashion!