Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Fitzwell Finley Narrow Calf (believe the hype!)

*Updated with pictures.
**The size 6 I returned has been snatched up by someone--hopefully one of you!

Finally! Boots that are actually made for narrow calves! Not ones that we have to tighten, tailor, stuff, or practically maim to get them to fit correctly. The calf circumference on a size 6 is actually 12 inches!! I couldn't get a good ankle circumference measurement but they fit my 7.5" ankles pretty well. The shaft height is 15". I measured from the arch of the foot to the top of the boot. 

The heel is 3" and although it's not a stiletto, it is a skinny heel that probably won't be great for standing or walking a lot. The description says there's a "gel comfort heel pad" but I didn't notice any extra cushioning. The sole felt a bit hard, although I wouldn't say the boots are uncomfortable. Perhaps readers who own these can weigh in about the level of comfort. 

I imagine these boots will be great with skirts and dresses. I don't think the narrow shaft will accommodate jeans unless your calves are much slimmer than my 12" calves, although tights and jeggings may work. I like that the leather isn't super shiny. The sheen on my Blondo Louna boots can be a bit much at times (I reviewed the Louna last year in this post). The Finley boots definitely seem like a better / slimmer fit on my legs than the Louna, although the Louna is very comfortable.  

I'm happy to be able to spread the word about these boots, which I hope will work for many of you. Currently, it looks like they're only sold at Zappos ($139). It looks like sizes 6 and 6.5 are sold out at the moment. I couldn't find any other online retailers that sell these boots but I'll keep an eye out for them. I plan to return my size 6 this week. I considered keeping them but frankly, I've been so fortunate to have found a few pairs of well-fitting boots over the past couple of years (many thanks to you all!) that there's just no reason for me to keep these to myself. I hope one of you is able to pick up the pair that I return.

Fitzwell Finley Narrow Calf ($139)
Update-- Ok, now that I've gotten over the initial elation, I realize that the shaft and ankles seem a bit saggy in these pictures. I think the horizontal seam a couple of inches above the ankle (visible in the picture above) creates a crease that looks like a sag because of the stiff fabric. But in reality, the ankle is pretty slim and so is the shaft. However, the crease did rub against the side of my leg and is visible from the front. I imagine this could be uncomfortable and irritating. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable with socks (I wasn't wearing knee-high socks in the pictures). Also, after wearing these boots for a few minutes for the pictures, I'm still uncertain about the overall comfort level of the heel. 

I'm always interested in hearing your thoughts.

~ Little Contessa


  1. These definitely fit your calves better than the Louna (looking back at that post), and the ankles seem comparable. This boot looks dressier than the Louna due to the less rounded toe, thinner heel, and (mainly) the smooth sole. Great option for the office, and I think this would be a cute way to dress up skinny jeans or legging-type pants too. Maybe tights would solve the inside rubbing? Your 7.5 ankle measurement is quite small -- my skinny ankles are 8 -- so I bet there would be less of an ankle gap for most of your readers. It really doesn't look bad in the photos, though! Nice review. What a thrill to see a boot specifically labeled as narrow calf! Here's to more in the future...

    1. Thanks Mary! Fingers crossed that these aren't Fitzwell's last narrow calf boots!

  2. Hi,

    I've been following your blog since last year - I love it! I too have narrow calves. I went to Macy's and found a boot that actually fits (literally hugs my calves). You might want to do a review about it.

    Ivanka Trump Monty Over the Knee Boots

    1. Thanks Komal! I'm so glad you found the blog. I'll definitely check out these boots. It's tough to find narrow calf boots that are flats. Plus, Macy's has great sales at this time of the year. Is it possible to flip down the top of these boots to make them knee high? I've seen that option on some over-the-knee boots but it looks like the zipper on these might not be conducive to that. Hopefully I can do a review of these soon!

    2. L.C.
      I went last night to try on the Monty's. It doesn't appear that you can fold them down. And unfortunately they didn't work for me. The material was too soft and bunched on my little legs. They came up at a great height though. I am 5'6", 33 inch inseam. They came just above my knees. I have 8 inch ankles and my calves are 13 inches at their widest part. I wear a size 8. I wish they had worked because they were beautiful and actually quite comfortable. Someone with thicker legs might fill them out better

  3. Did you ever try DUO boots? I know they've been mentioned on here. I am thinking about ordering some and would love to know how your friend liked them.

    Thanks! I'm still loving my GeeWaWa's. :-)

    1. Hi Katie- I didn't try Duo (on my wish list :) but my friend sent along tips that I meant to turn into a post. Let me look for her email and I'll submit another comment with her tips. I do think it would be helpful for you before you buy. Sorry I can't get to this before tomorrow.
      Glad to hear about your GeeWaWa's (I love saying that name) :)

    2. Hi Katie – Here’s my friend’s advice. FYI – she said that DUO’s leather seemed high quality.

      1) When ordering, send them an email asking if they can adjust the ankle size. In the return form that DUO sent my friend, they asked her for many other dimensions aside from just the calf size. If she had seen that form initially, she could have made a much better decision. Her only complaint about the boots was the ankle fit (too loose). The calf fit perfectly.

      2) Her main complaint was return shipping. She did USPS and paid $30. Shipping from the UK to the US is free.

      3) DUO has great customer service. She received immediate responses to her emails. When she returned the boots, she also received a very detailed message confirming that the boots were received. They offered to issue a refund unless she preferred to adjust any other dimensions on the boots.

      4) A note from DUO about customs taxes-- "Customs taxes are charged on goods shipped outside the EU, and unfortunately there is no way of avoiding these charges. Sometimes a parcel may slip through the net and not be charged but this would be lucky and not to be expected. The charges are usually about 10% of the cost of the product, plus an admin fee- it might be worth checking with your local customs office for more information." I’m not sure about the time frame to receive the notice about the tax, but it might take a month or more.

      I hope this helps!

  4. Good morning, I have been following your blog since last year and I love it! I have 13" calves and I wear a size 8, so many of the boots that you review end up still being wide on my calves due to the shoe size/calf circumference ratio.
    I recently purchased a pair of riding boots from Famous Footwear: Franco Sarto Corbeit. Although they are not a snug fit, they do fit better than any boots I have tried on. They were on sale for $139.99 plus I was able to take advantage of Famous Footwear's 30% off coupon. I bought them in a size 7.5 because the 8 seemed a little loose in the foot. Hope this helps someone looking for brown riding boots!

  5. Little Contessa,
    Have you heard of Skinnycalf Boots yet ?
    Its a new brand of boots for women with narrow calves. They're all made in Italy and are gorgeous. The best part is that there is a calf circumference guide under each boot description that shows shoe size and corresponding calf size.
    Check it out at
    Hope this is helpful!