Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Has anyone heard of Gabor boots?

I came across Gabor brand boots on Amazon the other day and realized I've never heard of this brand. Many of their boots have buckles that make the calves adjustable, but I'm not sure how slim their shafts really are even when fully buckled. There are no reviews currently. I'm thinking about ordering a pair to review but wanted to ask the community first in case some of you have advice to share. Here are a few that stood out to me on Amazon. 

Gabor Tall Adjustable Calf boot 75.789 ($325)

Gabor 36.596 boot ($270-$355)

Gabor Fashion Basic Tall boot ($300)

Gabor 31.503 Boot ($150-$345)

There's also a different pair on Zappos that is listed as having a 13.75" calf for a size 8, but still no reviews.

I'd love to hear from anyone with insight to share!

~ Little Contessa


  1. I feel like I hit the jackpot. Today I tried on, and purchased, these boots by Gee WaWa. Aside from the fact that they PERFECTLY fit my 12.5 in calves, they are really nice and well made...beautiful leather upper and leather sole. Under $90 on Shoebacca....I'm tempted to get another color. And there are laces up the back which I didn't even have to adjust. I'm not one for lace-up boots but these are really tasteful.

    They have them in black, brown and a light tan color. I can't find them anywhere else online.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I ordered a pair to review and will suggest these as a possibility in my next post. I too am not crazy about lace-up boots but find myself liking ones that lace up the back, rather than the front. How did you happen to find these?

    2. Having exhausted Zappos and Nordstroms, etc...I remembered that I'd purchased from Shoebacca before and just happened upon these. BTW, I should have mentioned this before but it seems like they run a whole size too big. I also saw a press release that this brand will be carried by Nordstrom's starting in October. Looks like they only have a few pairs now and not these boots. I think it's get them while you can from Shoebacca.....


  2. I am also a size 12" calf, and sadly, I just started to realize my hunt for the perfectly fitted calf knee high boot is probably never going to happen unless I design and make them myself. The style I'm in love with is the nine West lory lace up boot but three guesses why I can't wear them..... That's right too wide up top >:( Grrr! I've looked into the skinny boots but all the styles aren't what I'm into :(. so sad... Hope your quest goes better

    1. Hi Anon - I'm sorry you haven't had luck so far and I reeeally hope I can find something that works for you. I would love to one day order from Duo but right now, they're a bit pricey for me. If you do plan to use them to build the perfect boot, just remember to take an accurate ankle circumference measurement too. I had a friend who ordered from them and she focused only on the calf circumference. So when the boots arrived, they were saggy in the ankle. Good luck!

  3. Hana.
    Hello, I know Gabor boots, it is very popular mark in Europe and quite good. I know that they do also XS calf size and everybody recommends them to me, but unfortunatelly even the XS is too big for me (calf size 31cm, 12,4 inches). I had shoes from them app. 4 years ago and it was OK but now they make them apparently bigger. There may be a particular model which is OK but I spent some time searching all possilbe European online shops and the XS is always minimum 34 cm (which is in reality more from my experience, I recently ordered some boots that were supposed to be 32 cm and they were huge), I also tried some Gabor boots in shops and they were big too. There may be one model which is OK as I found one 4 years ago, but double check the actual calf size, even XS may be big.